If you want to publish your article in newspaper, news sites or magazine, pay close attention to some of these things:

  1. First of all, you have to see about what you want to publish the article like: individual or brand or social verification purpose, once you decide this then you have to search the news in that niche. If you are unable to find it then contact the team of Aalgi Group. You can do this work easily by taking help. After this, you will now select news according to your budget from the list given by the agency.


  2. Now you have to understand the guidelines of the selected news like: how many words should your article be written in, how many images you can submit with the article, how many backlinks you will get, whether the backlinks will be do-follow or no-follow, your Whether there will be a disclaimer in the article or not, in which category your article will go, how much time will it take for the article to go live in the news.


  3. All the things that I told you above, you will have to ask from the agency, along with this, to get your news ranked in Google, you will have to pay attention that neither your article is copied from anywhere nor you re-submit the article which you have written. Even if it has already been published by some other publication, you will have to keep your article 100% unique.


  4. Now let me tell you how you will know which news is the best like: First of all you will check the DA, PA of the website, to check, go to Google and search DA PA checker and open any authentic website. After this you have to paste the url whose DA PA you want to check, if the DA PA of any website is 20-30 then it is normal, 30-40 is called Good, 40-60 is called Great and if If it is 60+ then it is called super great.


  5. Now you can also check the excellence of a news website in another way like: If you search any news site on Google, you will find that some sites are shown in the news section of Google, which means that Google includes them in the category of news. And these sites are good but still do not forget to check the DA PA of the site and check the traffic.


  6. Secondly, here you should also check the traffic of the website, which will give you an idea whether the site will be able to get your article ranking or not, because if the traffic of the site is less then it is understandable that the audience is not liking their article.


  7. It is as important to check whether the site is genuine or a fraud as the other steps mentioned above. To know this, you have to go to Google and search ‘Domain Spam Rate Checker’, then paste the url and now you have to see the spam rate. Should be 2% or 0%.


  8. Now after carefully understanding all the steps mentioned above, you can send your article word file to the agency’s WhatsApp or mail and wait for the specified time and your article will go live successfully.