How to Publish article in newspaper

✅If you want to get your article published online in a newspaper, then you can do it easily, but for this you will have to pay attention to some things which I will tell you briefly in this article.

Select Category

✅First of all, decide in which category your article is, like entertainment, business or something else. After choosing the category, you have to choose which news website will be best for this category. Like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Outlook, Midday, Amar Ujala, Aaj Tak and others.

Talk Publication

✅Now after your article and image are ready, you will talk to the publication (Aalgi Group) and ask them what is the price of which news website, how much time will it take to publish and whether there will be a disclaimer after publishing or not. If you have not written the article yet and do not know how to write, then you can talk to Aalgi Group Publications and get the article written, but they will charge separately for it.

Online or Offline Newspaper

✅Here you can get your article published in online news as well as offline newspapers. Aalgi Group has more than 5000 publications available through which you can easily get your article published in newspaper or news website and give a new growth to your business. Can give or increase individual Google authority.