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Now you have a big opportunity, now you can bring your target business, brand in front page of Google and market by giving your article in any news site of the world through press release and news distribution of your choice with Aalgi Group. Our 5+ years of experience helps you reach your goals.
You'll have access to these things with Aalgi Group: Of all commercial newswire services, you'll find the largest global media database and reliable prices here. Full money back in case of non-work. Solution of any problem now in call also. Many of payment gateways like phone pay, google pay, paytm, direct bank, paypal and more.


Press Release Trageting
Reach all your targets – Grow your business with PR, Digital Print, Google News Index Site, Business Site, Crypto Website, Social Media Verification, Blogger and more.
More example: For the purpose of reaching the appropriate audiences, press releases are categorised for target industries. There are many other categories, such as technology, automotive, fashion & lifestyle, media & entertainment, travel, BFSI, education, health & pharma, hospitality, energy, environment, social, and ecommerce.
News Article Distribution
Aalgi Group publishes your article on more than 1000+ news websites of the world and at a very low cost as compared to all other media agencies.
Time & Trust
Aalgi Group publishes your news article in just 24 to 48 hours, this is the belief of my more than 2000+ customers.
Aalgi Group was created by Anand Aalgi in March 2020 and launched in July of that year.
Their job is to handle all the workload of the Aalgi Group and forward the incoming orders and analyze them.
Aalgi Group Head Excutive
Sunil Gupta
Head Excutive