Media Service List

Wok Name Time Charge Extra Benefits
Google Knowledge Panel 15-30 Days₹5000 1 article
IMDB 15-30Dyas₹5000 1article
IMDB Pro 15-300ays₹10000 2article
Google Book Publish Single 7.150Days₹100 No
GoodRead Book Single 15-30Days₹100 No
Amazon Book Single 7-15Days₹100 No
Flipkart Book Single 15-25Days₹100 No
Blue Rose Book Single 15-25Days₹100 No
Biblio Book Single 15-30DayS₹150 No
Wikipeda Page 4 Month ₹10000 Free IMDB
instagram 1000 Followers1 Hours₹40 No
instagram 5000 Followers 1 Hours₹190 No
Instagram 100 Uike 1Hours₹35 No
Instagram 5000 Like 1Hours₹170 No
Facebook 1000 Followers 3Hours₹150 No
Facebook 5000 Followers 3Hours₹700 No
Facebook 1000 Like 3Hours₹60 No
Article Witing 3Hours₹300 400 Words
Article Witing 4Hours₹500 800 Words
Song Publishing Single 15Days₹500 70+ Music Platforms
Song Publishing Double 15Days₹800 70+Music Platforms
You Tube Content ld 30Days₹1000 Free 1 Song Publish
Jio Saavn, Spotify Blue Tick 15Days₹1000 Free 1 Song Publish
Professional Blog Create 7Days₹1000 Choice Category
Blogger Site Setup 3Days₹500 According Problem
WordPress New Site Start 15Days₹5999 With Hosting
Whatsapp Green Tick 30Days₹12999 If You Have Business
1SBN Number 4Month₹4999 With Profile Access
Choice Number Caling1Hours₹500 2Free Choice
Instagram Promotions30Days₹4999 Monthly Promotion
Facebook Promotion 30Days ₹4999 Monthly Promotion
Compony Logo Making 1Days ₹500 30+ Choice Option
Professional Logo Making 1Days ₹500 Diferent Categories
Social Thumbnal Making 1Days ₹300 Different Categories
e-Commerce website 7Days ₹9999 With All Tools
Amazon Shop Creation 7Days ₹1000 1000 Insta Followers
Frankly Wearing Creation 15Days ₹1000 Te-Shirt Your Logo
10 Photo On Google 15Days ₹499 No
Get You Site Google News 30Days ₹1000 With Profle Access

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